For PlayStation newcomers, the Uncharted collection will be an essential purchase

Following on from yesterday morning’s unfortunate leak, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection has now been officially announced for the PlayStation 4.

Boasting updated textures and models, updated resolutions and frame rates (1080p/60fps), as well as access to the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta, the collection includes all three console installments of the Uncharted franchise so far and will be released this October.

If you owned a PlayStation 3, there’s a high chance you’ve already played at least one Uncharted game over the years. If you have, and if you enjoyed it, this article isn’t for you. Go on scamp, run along outside and go for a bike ride or something. I’m here to talk to everyone else. Your tea will be ready around 7. Stay away from the brook in Mulberry forest. That’s where Karen was found dead.

Anyway. If you’re new to the PlayStation range of systems this generation (perhaps after transferring over from an Xbox or Nintendo console) then this announcement is incredibly important, because Uncharted is well regarded as one of the greatest new IP’s of the last generation and for good reason too, because they’re great.


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Fallout 4 looks bloody lovely

I don’t know whether you’ve heard, but Fallout 4 was finally announced today. It was a fairly low key event. No one was really talking about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it passed you by.

Just in case it did, here’s the trailer. Go on, have a watch. It’s well nice.

Enjoy it? I know I did. As a fan of the series since 2008’s Fallout 3, this next installment looks to be everything I hoped for and more. Its got Ghouls! Robots! Contextually humorous product names! Blue jumpsuits! It even has a dog in it which mopes around a house looking all sad. I didn’t even know I wanted that, but now it’s there, I feel all the more fulfilled for its inclusion.

Still, because the internet is the internet, it took all of eight minutes before people started whinging about how the graphics don’t quite look as good as they were expecting. Well, pfft. Screw you. I think Fallout 4 looks gorgeous, and it has nothing to do with its graphics (which, for the record, I think look quite good) and everything to do with its aesthetic. Primarily, its use of colour and texture, which are well considered and tonally, very interesting.

Here, let me show you what I mean.


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